Wednesday, 4 August 2010


It's been over a week since I officially posted last, but I've not been idle. Under the BIBLIOGRAPHY link above I have placed my working bibliography for my research so far. It is not complete by any means, but currently it has about 76 sources. Over the last week I have systematically been annotating each source. Some of these annotations have existed in disparate forms across several different blogs, and in Word documents. Some entries had no notes next to them at all, except those locked away in my head. Since the last blog entry I have instead been adding new annotations to the basic sources. I still have about 30 annotations to go before adding new annotated sources.

The exercise in annotating has been beneficial though. Some sources that I have referenced have on annotating, proven to be less influential than I had previously thought. Other sources in contrast have proved to be very influential, and I have struggled in writing concisely about these. I have also begun to spot blatant typographical errors (sorry to Bill Gaber >I mean< Gaver to name one obvious error). Also handwriting the sources back into Harvard from other referencing systems is becoming tiresome. So it now good that this page will act as a central repository of my official bibliography, from which shorter bibs can be compiled (in any format). Also before anyone comments why I don't use any of the official academic tools to compile my sources, I learn more by hand writing them into Harvard. Therefore my grumbles are simply academic.

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