Friday, 25 November 2011

Book Commission - Basics Digital Media: Interface Design

I've just been commissioned to write a new book on Interface Design by AVA Publishing. It is aimed at design undergraduates and graphic designers transitioning from print to interactivity.

The book is to be called Basics Digital Media: Interface Design and will feature text by myself, visual examples, case studies and interviews to be published in 2013.

I am seeking good examples of UI design. The work can be your work, favourite work from others or student/graduate work. Hope you can suggest some?

I have a Wiki that breaks down each chapter, explaining the structure and asks (in red type) for your suggestions by set deadlines.

Any suggestions that make it in the book will gain a acknowledgement, and a link. Any copyright clearances and licences will be dealt with by the publisher's picture editor before publication.

If you want to see this Wiki can you email me at dave.wood[at] and I'll send you an invite.


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