Monday, 20 January 2014

Interface Design book now out

My new book Interface Design: An introduction to visual communication in UI design is now out. Order your copy from here.


"Interface Design: An introduction to visual communication in UI design delivers real examples of the process of designing for UI and interactive projects. Seeing and learning from real examples of maps and diagramming while outlining critical components of the UI design process at various stages, makes this book an incredibly important resource for anyone wanting to learn about and implement a UI strategy - especially for graphic designers who were educated in the print world but want to make the transition to working on UI and interactive projects. Applying the information in this book can absolutely make any designer a more valuable and strategic contributor to current and prospective clients and employers. This book is easy to follow, provides a clear understanding of what to expect in each chapter, offers insight into key questions to be asked throughout the UI process and is loaded with relevant and applicable content and insight. This is not only a book, but an incredibly useful learning tool that can be utilized on daily basis."

Sean Brennan, Senior Project Manager, Haneke Design, Tampa, Florida, USA 

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