Friday, 10 August 2012

Beneath Interpretation… Motivating and Prejudicing Understanding

SHUSTERMAN, R. (1991) Beneath Interpretation. In: D.R. HILEY, J.F. BOHMAN, and R. SHUSTERMAN (Eds.) The Interpretive Turn. Cornell University Press. pp102-128

“Any understanding involves the human element that prestructures understanding in terms (and in service) of our interests, drives, and needs, which significantly overlap but also diverge among different societies and individuals. Moreover, for Nietzsche, Gadamer, and the pragmatists the fact that understanding is always motivated and prejudiced by our needs and values is a very good thing; it is what allows us to thrive and survive so that we can understand anything at all.” (p112

For pragmatists our needs and personal values always motivate and prejudice understanding. This human element (featuring our drives, needs and interests) terms and prestructures any understanding we have.

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