Friday, 10 August 2012

Beneath Interpretation… Understanding as a Base and a Guide

SHUSTERMAN, R. (1991) Beneath Interpretation. In: D.R. HILEY, J.F. BOHMAN, and R. SHUSTERMAN (Eds.) The Interpretive Turn. Cornell University Press. pp102-128

“understanding provides interpretation not only with a meaning-giving contrast, but with a meaning-giving ground. It supplies something on which to base and guide our interpretations, and represents something by which we can distinguish between different levels or sequential acts of interpretation.” (p120)


Understanding what is experienced gives a base and guidance to interpreting the meaning. This base and guide can provide interpretation with contrasts by which different levels or sequential acts of interpretation can be distinguished. Hermeneutically this is structured within the circle of interpretation by understanding the parts and the whole of the experience.

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