Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Aesthetics Theory… Triadic Interrelationship

DAKE, D. (2005a) Aesthetics Theory. In: K. SMITH, S. MORIARTY, G. BARBATSIS and K. KENNEY (Eds) Handbook of Visual Communication: Theory, Methods, and Media. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. pp3-22.

“Aesthetics permeates all interactions between these three [object:maker:viewer] components of visual communication. Relationships may not immediately reveal the exact intentions of the creator or help the viewer discover any potential hidden interpretations; but intentions, of both the maker and the viewer can alter everyone’s perspective on imagistic meaning. Knowledge of meaning can become clearer through a deliberate process of analysis and interpretation. Heightened awareness of one’s own mental imagery is the first step to assessing this deeper aesthetic aspect of visual communication.” (p6)

The triadic interrelationship of object:maker:viewer (p6) to the interpretation of the meaning according to Dake is framed in an idea as the creator (designer) as author. This is too restrictive for a phenomenological-focused inquiry into the relationships between visual communication, aesthetics of interaction, perception and interpretation. If this triadic is expanded to not think of the creator as author but instead as a semiotic sender, and the viewer (user) as the receiver of the message, then the interrelationship between the two places focus on how they perceive the ‘object’ as a transmission of that meaning. Within interaction design this interrelationship is not a simply one-way transaction as the nature of interaction involves a feedback loop that informs where the interaction goes. Therefore there simply is not just one semiotic message being interpreted, but a continual semiotic dialogue leading the user towards a conclusion to their interactive task. The behavioural change that the visual communication of the dialogue affords is resultant on active interpretation within the user as they perform the interactions.

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